Practical solutions to your engagement challenges
Our framework is designed to transform employee engagement across your company  by working closely with key individuals to implement change from the inside out.
The people who work with us return to your business as dynamic catalysts,
creating the results you are looking for.
We work closely with small groups of people over an extended period, engaging them in a project with a higher cause (usually an overseas expedition supporting a meaningful giving project). Throughout the process, we show them practical ways to apply what they are learning back in their work environment.
In addition to developing leadership in the participants, our framework has huge benefits for your CSR program, and can have a profound effect on your customers.
We are also seeing an impact on recruitment - particularly in Gen Z who are increasingly looking beyond salary and personal perks when assessing where they want to work.
It is crucial to ensure the entire company are on side, and we work closely with the participants and management to ensure maximum engagement at all levels of your organisation.
In around three hours, we use our system to begin the process of understanding how the world has changed, and where your business may have opportunities for growth as a result. This can be looking at a specific area in depth with a small group, or a more general overview with a larger number.

Spend a bit more time with us, taking part in a community project, physical and mental challenges, plus workshops tailored to the needs of your company. Participants will experience how the Raise framework can make a tangible, practical difference.
Fundamental principles and values remain the same, but the businesses we work with change.
Our experienced facilitators have the knowledge to adapt and flex our system to suit your needs.
Talk to us about where your business needs to grow, or the challenges you are facing, and together we will devise a solution that gives measurable, lasting results for your triple bottom line.