Everybody is looking for connection
This connection happens when people achieve an effective balance between their finances, their sense of belonging, and their need for fulfilment. When those three areas overlap, people are engaged.
From a business perspective, engagement is crucial to attract and retain good people, and then get the best out of them by fostering a healthy, productive working environment.
To achieve this engagement we don't just teach skills, we fundamentally change people and they way they behave using three principles that are threaded through everything we do.
In today’s world, the traditional bottom line of profits is not enough for most people.
We need an awareness of people and the planet as well. When companies are struggling or people are dissatisfied in some way, it’s often because one or more of these three elements is being overlooked.
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Leadership is a choice. When responsibility is given, imposed, or delegated, people rarely own it in the same way as when they choose to step up and accept it for themselves. But stepping up takes courage. It’s hard to put your head above the parapet and say “I’ve got this."
A true leader is someone who takes responsibility for themselves and the people around them, but also – and most importantly – helps others step up and do the same. All businesses need leaders, and yours will develop as a by-product of our system.
We take people out of their comfort zone. For some that will mean physical challenges. For others, it could be social or environmental challenges. At Raise, we show people how to redefine their limits and find ways to keep pushing those boundaries. This new perspective gives them the courage needed to step up and take responsibility when things are going well … and when things start to get tricky (as they always do), they won’t be the ones that back out.
Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable is a tactic for dealing with any challenges people may face.