Fran Boorman

Fran has an impressive past building her own business to turnover in excess of £8m around her young family. A key part of this business was establishing teams and effective leadership. Fran was partnered with a top British PLC and has been invited to speak at many company conventions and trainings in front of audiences of up to 4000 people. Fran also has experience as a shareholder, and is a second generation family business owner, giving her extensive experience of board level management.

Aged just 21, Fran ran her first international expedition to a rural part of Uganda. A key aim of this expedition was to develop the leadership of the participants. This proved incredibly successful and over a decade later the legacy of this first project still continues.

In her spare time Fran is a keen skier (having competed at an international level as a teenager), she loves trail running, hiking, traveling and pretty much any activity that takes place outside.
​​Fran says :: “Raise Global was established as a result of my desire to further develop the leadership in my own business. I strongly believe that one of the best ways to help people grow is to take them out of their comfort zones. Then they learn more than just skills, they actually change as people. By focusing on the triple bottom line I have seen the direct results of this growth in many individuals who are now more effective in every area of their lives.”

Joe Redston

After an eclectic start to his career, Joe moved into corporate events and leadership development, facilitating sessions of up to 600 people for companies including Shell, PWC and Coca-Cola in locations across the UK and Europe. He brings a wealth of experience having not only delivered leadership training programs, but also seen the impact of these types of event.

Joe has been involved in numerous meaningful giving projects over the years both at home and abroad. This has given him first-hand experience of the strengths, weaknesses, advantages and disadvantages of the myriad ways in which people can make a difference.

In his spare time, Joe is a keen drummer, and in 2003 he set a new Guiness Drum Marathon World Record, when he played continuously for 51 hours and 4 minutes. If he’s not drumming, reading, or watching TED talks, you’ll find him somewhere outside, probably accompanied by his dog, Scout.
Joe says :: “My corporate experience has shown me that businesses can drive tremendous change in the world, while my travels have made it clear that some of our current giving systems aren’t working quite as well as they could. My passion is combining these two things in a practical way that is a real win-win for all stakeholders."