DISCOVER how you can start to scratch that itch

In one weekend, you will take part in a community project, a physical challenge, and some interactive training to further develop your thinking about how you are going to change the world. With a group of like-minded people, we delve deeper into our three core concepts, and give you a greater understanding of how you can apply the Triple Bottom Line to all areas of your life.
Who is it for?
People who are thinking of making a change. Your life is probably OK - in fact, there's a good chance most of the world thinks you've got it pretty sorted. But you know different.
You know that you should be getting more fulfillment in your personal and business life - you just need a bit of help figuring out exactly how, where, and - most importantly - why you should be focusing your skills and abilities.
To do that, you need to step up, and start leading. Step out of your comfort zone with us for a couple of days, and let us show you how applying the Triple Bottom Line can fundamentally change your world.
​Food and accommodation included
Be prepared to be challenged
Maximum group size is 16 people

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