People want to be connected
This connection happens when people achieve an effective balance between their finances, their sense of belonging, and their need for fulfilment. When those three areas overlap, people are engaged.
To achieve this we don't just teach skills, we fundamentally change people and they way they behave. We use our exclusive system, designed by Fran Boorman, author of Amazon best-selling book, "Connection Marketing".
Effective Connection has four parts:
Defined as "a person or thing that gives rise to an action", a strong Cause motivates the person who believes in it as well as engaging and connecting with the people around them.
A Cause has four elements:
  1. It must be something greater than yourself.
  2. It must connect you with other people.
  3. It must do good.
  4. It must be something you wholeheartedly believe in.
A big part of what we do involves working with charities, but there is an important distinction: charity is about giving, a Cause is about taking action.
Culture is something we can - and should - consciously mould, and in your life and business it needs to develop from the inside-out. It is not something that can be imposed from the top down or outside-in.
When done correctly, it is incredibly powerful. In business, a strong Culture encourages fantastic customer service, engaged employees, loyal customers and the other components of a successful business. In life, your Culture is reflected in everything you do.
​Our process shows you and your organisation how to define and develop an effective Culture.

Success takes hard work and facing challenges is part of the deal. We all need to Commit.
In our Ventures, people invest in a Cause higher than themselves - that of the charity project they are supporting.
Through this, they gain an understanding of what it means to really Commit. They bring this knowledge back into their day-to-day lives and act as catalysts, making a difference from the inside out.
Everyone is talking louder than ever before, but the way people are listening is changing. The first three stages of our system will give you and your organisation a greater understanding of what you do, and why that is important.
The final step is to Communicate that 'why' in a manner that engages and connects with the people around you.
In a noisy world, it is essential to be able to cut through that noise. Effective communication is an integral part of our system.