We live in a connected but lonely world. Technology has enabled people to see the world but very few people are able to access it. Most people feel trapped in a society where they find it hard to achieve fulfilment.

At Raise, our proven system shows people how to re-engage with the world around them. They learn how to create strong human connections that benefit themselves, their businesses / work and their communities. Raise participants emerge from our programs with a huge sense of fulfilment, belonging and increased earning ability.

We don’t just teach skills, our programs are based on experiential learning. These experiences change people. Raise participants become leaders ready and equipped to change their world. Members of our community have gone on to start their own legacy projects, build stronger, more successful businesses, and forge deeper relationships.

Five Training Weekends and
a two-week International Expedition
Working with a group of like-minded people you form a closely bonded team. Throughout the process you experience our ground-breaking framework that can be adapted to your future ambitions. This culminates in your team completing a meaningful international project. This contextualises all that you have learned, and prepares you to take your own individual action on your return.
As well starting the planning and preparation for your Venture, you will get your hands dirty and experience the power of having a Cause at the heart of what you do. You will find joy and fulfilment in an act of giving back.

Through this you will learn how connecting with a Cause helps you emotionally engage, both individually and as a team. You will begin to understand how this can be utilised to create motivation and momentum for you and the people around you. You will learn how to truly gain from giving.
Having started to build a strong bond with your team you will now explore how this can be strengthened and sustained through a defined Culture.

You will examine different cultural benefits and learn how to use this within your Raise group - and in other areas of your life. As a team, you will begin to define - and experience - your own unique Culture and design your personal Culture moving forward.
On the third weekend you will experience what it means to really Commit. Not just commitment to yourself, but commitment to the team.

This weekend will involve a challenge that pushes the group both physically and mentally. Putting into practice what you have already learned, you will emerge with the deep sense of fulfilment that comes from achieving something difficult. You will gain an understanding of how to replicate this in daily life so that commitment becomes one of your strengths.
By this point in the program you will begin to have deep understanding of your own abilities and be empowered to start spreading your influence.

For the fourth training, we focus on how to effectively Communicate the ideas and personality of the person you are becoming. We invite your family, friends and supporters to join us for an engaging and fun weekend. As a team you will host, entertain and share your learnings with the people closest to you. This will help solidify your learning and develop your communication skills.
​Overseas Expedition
During a two-week expedition you will pull together everything you have learned. You will begin to practice and experience deep Connection.

A week will be spent at the project your group have funded, working with and learning from the local people. By integrating with the local community, you will see - and really feel - the incredible impact of what you have achieved. You will form the most incredible bonds with people you have never met before.

This part of the program is where we see many of the life transformations happen. Transformations that can only happen through experience.

The Venture also includes a physically challenging experience and ends with a couple of days to relax, recover, and start reflecting on everything you have learned and achieved before heading home.
Your journey with Raise doesn't end when you land back in the UK. A month or so after returning to the UK your group will meet to evaluate and reflect on your experiences. You will realise just how far you have come and how empowered you now feel.

Together, you will create individual plans of how to effectively put everything you have learned into action. 
As well as the incredible bond you will have created with your team, you will also be invited to join our Raise Ventures Community. As part of this inspiring group, you will be surrounded by many other people striving and achieving fulfilled, enriched lives.

We have various online groups, and organise regular reunions where you will be welcome to join us and share YOUR stories and experiences. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!
Exact details vary from Venture to Venture, but events generally start on Friday evening and run through until Sunday lunchtime. In the UK we stay in a variety of self-catering units in beautiful locations. It's usually dormitories, and most of the time you'll be sharing a bedroom and bathroom - sometimes with several other people!

Overseas we spend most of the time in hotels, with a few nights where things are more basic.
You. If you've read this far, that probably means you've got an itch that needs scratching.

» You may be employed and want to make a bigger impact in your workplace or free time.
» You might be a small business owner, looking to raise your game.
» Perhaps you are thinking of starting your own business, and need some direction.

Raise Ventures are for anyone who wants to do more and become more.
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