The Raise Manifesto

A Manifesto is a combination of our values, purpose, principles, vision, mission, goals, strategy – or whatever language makes sense for you and/or your team. It contains the foundations of who we are and how we show up in the world.

Most importantly, it’s a practical tool to guide our decisions.

Our mindset matters.

How we see ourselves, others, and the world around us is a consequence of our mindset.

A key part is whether we instinctively react to events, or develop the emotional intelligence to thoughtfully respond to a situation.

At the core of this is developing our self-awareness.

People. People. People.

We live in an increasingly digital world.

You and your company are helping to shape it. But people? People are analogue. We aren’t predictable. We’re complex. Our behaviour can be ambiguous and confusing.

We’re also the most important part of any organisation.

Uncover the connections.

When we dig deep enough, we discover that everything is connected to everything else.

How we are at home affects how we are at work – and vice versa. How we feel influences how we act – and vice versa. What I do impacts you – and vice versa.

Go beyond symptoms to causes, and then to connections.

Everything is a skill.

Communication. Collaboration. Creativity.

The skills we need are not mystical, unsolvable mysteries. Whatever we call them – soft skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills – the good news is that we can work on them.

When we practice, we get better.

Evolution is inevitable.

You will change. I will change. We will change.

The speed and direction will vary, but we cannot stop the process of evolution. Do we ignore it, and become stagnant and stale? Or recognise that change is how we learn and develop?

How do we want to adapt?

What is in your Manifesto?