Work With Me

If you’re an individual, the simplest thing to do is book a free consultation. We can discuss your specific challenges and opportunities, and find out if we will get on.

If you’re from a start-up, you might be thinking:

What’s this about a ‘Manifesto’? Why do we need one?

What exactly is ‘Leadership’? And how do I get better at it?

We know it’s important, but how do we do this ‘Culture’ thing?

HEEEEELP! [I’ve got that exact t-shirt].

If you’re from a more established organisation, you may be facing:

Challenges with a particular team member.

Tension and politics between individuals or departments.

Dealing with a Big Thing from the past, present or future. This might be a leadership or personnel change, merger or acquisition, or an upcoming project.

A mission and vision that is feeling a bit tired.

Or perhaps it’s something completely different?

Either way, it can be good for us to start with a specific project. Maybe you’ve already got something [or someone] in mind?

Or it might be open-ended. We could begin with a coaching call every fortnight and see where it goes.