Raise helps individuals and organisations figure out what truly matters for them.

And then act on it.

It starts with a Manifesto.

A Manifesto contains the foundations of who we are and how we show up in the world.

Most importantly, it’s a practical tool to guide our decisions – both as individuals, and within an organisation.

If you don’t yet have one, creating it might be the first piece of work we do together?
If you do have one, we can do other things

Who I Am

I’m Joe Redston, and Raise is my company. It exists to help individuals and organisations define their culture, rather than it defining them.

While I often collaborate with other experts to deliver the content you need, it’s mainly me you’ll be talking to. For that reason, it’s probably worth knowing a bit about who I am and what I’ve done.

“My biggest breakthrough was getting me to understand me. I now know who I am and where I’m going, and I’m excited and proud to be me. This is absolutely, definitely down to working with Joe. He has changed how I feel about myself, and that is priceless.”

[Anonymous 1-2-1 client]

What I Do


Individual time with you or members of your team.

My firm belief is that for us to work effectively together, the relationship is far more important than any particular approach or framework.

To discuss your specific challenges and opportunities, and to find out if we will get on, please book a free 30-minute consultation HERE.


In groups, we can work on developing a specific skill.


Multi-day events for maximum impact.

Bring your team to the Isle of Wight for an extraordinary multi-day Retreat. Give them the time and focus they need to deepen relationships and collaboratively work towards solutions … and maybe even have some fun! Taking time for this doesn’t slow us down. It speeds us up.

We can do one, some or all of these things – that’s up to you and your team.

Whatever we do, the themes of Culture, Leadership and Team Dynamics will weave through the work.


Culture happens whether we like it or not. Essentially, it’s how people behave – how are things done round here? Defining culture is a collective, collaborative, and intentional process.

Team Dynamics

Teams are a complex web of relationships. At the heart of their dynamic is a simple question: how do we think, feel, act – and interact?


Our volatile, complex world needs leaders who are comfortable with uncertainty and ambiguity – and who can find the balance between boldness and humility, courage and vulnerability.

What do you and your team need?

“We first used Raise to bring us back together after Covid. The second time was to assist with a leadership change. Both times, Joe’s wisdom and calm facilitation helped us have the open (and sometimes challenging) conversations we needed, whether in workshops or 121s. We all came away with deeper understanding and awareness of ourselves and each other, and look forward to working with Joe again in the future.”

[Christian Wenning, Founder, Erste Lesung]