As businesses progress from sole trader to having staff, they encounter a series of challenges – perhaps the largest of which is the changing role that owners find themselves in. Leading and managing your team, and keeping sight of the overall direction of your organisation become what you do on a day-to-day basis. Entrepreneurial types can often figure it out for themselves, but our mentoring service will hold you accountable, help you dodge the potholes, and keep you focused on three things:


Increasing revenue

Building a strong company culture

The wider impact of your company



Harvard Business Review studies show that organisations with a clearly defined purpose outperform competitors by 5-7%. Knowing what you stand for and why you are in business isn’t just the right thing to do – it also makes sound economic sense.


It all starts with you – what responsibilities do you have to your team, your customers, your community, and to other stakeholders? And what might you expect from each of them in return? Efficiency is the result of clearly defined responsibilities.

The Four Raise Principals


All the strategy and tactics in the world count for nothing unless you DO something. Asking “What’s the next action?” will keep you moving forwards.


Understanding the difference between leadership (creative, strategic) and management (analytical, tactical) – and when to wear each hat – is a key skill for growing your business. Guided by your values, we will help you lead by example.


Once responsibilities have been clearly defined, they then need to be effectively communicated to all the relevant people. Getting this crucial step right can minimise (and even prevent) many of the challenges that micro businesses face.


Use our system to get the results you are looking for


Why do you run your business? What do you want your business to achieve, both short and long term?


How do you run your business? What sort of things do you want your team and customers to say about you?


What does your business actually do? You are in business to make money, how much, & what do you do with it?


You’re already busy. We understand that carving out a space to spend time with a mentor can be tough – but that’s exactly why you should do it. If you’re starting to feel overwhelmed – or you know that things are already starting to slip – then investing the time each month to take a macro view of your business will help you get more from yourself and your team, which will benefit your customers, and therefore help to ensure the long term success of your organisation.


Joe Redston

Joe has been facilitating team building and leadership development events since 2007, working all across the UK and Europe for clients including Shell, Coca-Cola and PwC, and many SMEs and owner-managed businesses. Joe grew up on the Island, and has now returned as a lifestyle decision so he can offer his knowledge and skills to Island businesses. Get in touch so we can meet, talk, and take it from there.