Redefining Resilience

Collectively committing to the work needed to recover from challenges.

In today’s world, our ability to recover from challenges – our resilience – requires us to give equal attention to our physical, mental and emotional health.

We must also consider our relationships with the world and the people in it, where we stand and what we stand for.

Resilience and stress are two sides of the same coin. Our stress – the physical, mental, emotional and cultural strain we feel – challenges our resilience … and improving our resilience reduces stress.

Redefining Resilience provides your team with concepts and tools to understand, manage and optimise the balance and interplay between these two forces.

Core Concepts

Redefining Resilience is a 90-day programme for teams of 8-15, in three parts:

1 :: Understand the weight we are currently carrying.

2 :: Manage our collective wellbeing with practical tools and tactics.

3 :: Optimise our connections as we move forward through uncertainty.

Key Outcomes


  • Greater awareness and understanding of the interplay between stress and resilience
  • Practical tools to help navigate stress, and increase resilience


  • Improved communication and relationships between participants
  • More resilient teams

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