Retreat [to advance].
Pause [to progress].

Why have a Team Retreat?

Often, the trigger is a ‘Big Thing’ of some sort.

A merger or acquisition. Change of leadership. A global pandemic. The ‘Big Thing’ might be in the past, present, or future. But everyone knows it will require time and focus to find the solution.
Retreat, to advance.

There are other reasons, too. A reward or celebration. Skill development. Bringing teams together. Never underestimate the power and importance of simply deepening relationships. Taking time for this doesn’t slow us down. It speeds us up.
Pause, to progress.

Big changes …
Big decisions …
Big challenges …
Every business faces them.

Sometimes we see them coming, and sometimes they take us by surprise.

Either way, we need to prioritise the time to address them. This is almost impossible in our usual work environment.

To gain clarity on the situation, we must remove ourselves from the day-to-day. Create the time and space to figure out how we effectively move forwards.

We need to get away – to Retreat.

“We first used Raise to bring us back together after Covid. The second time was to assist with a leadership change. Both times, Joe’s wisdom and calm facilitation helped us have the open (and sometimes challenging) conversations we needed, whether in workshops or 121s. We all came away with deeper understanding and awareness of ourselves and each other, and look forward to working with Joe again in the future.”

[Christian Wenning, Founder, Erste Lesung]

Our approach.

Whatever the theme of your Retreat, we will include four key elements:


We will eat well, move our bodies, and get out into nature – for our mental health as much as our physical health.


At some point, each member of the team will find themselves outside their comfort zone – and in their learning zone.


It’s crucial that participants leave with practical tools and strategies they can use in the workplace [and life].


In amongst the work, we’ll also enjoy ourselves … although sometimes we might have a loose definition of ‘fun’!

The exact balance will depend on your specific requirements, but these principles run through all our Retreats.

“My UK team was challenged with poor cross-functional cooperation. Teaming up with Jenny and Joe, we co-designed a two-day programme that truly changed the team dynamics, to the extent our head of HR said: “What happened on the island – because the team came back totally changed?” I can strongly recommend Raise to any organisation seeking to improve team dynamics and wanting to energise its organisation for the better.””

[Mikael Sandberg, Chairman, VX Fiber]

Based on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

The ideal location for your next Team Retreat, it’s a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with stunning scenery and a range of accommodations from rural campsites to glamping to luxurious manor houses.

Wherever possible, we use Island-based suppliers. From food to activities, we support local businesses and charities. You’ll also take a ferry to get here. That sounds minor – but right from the start, coming here feels different.

What do you and your team need?