The Decision Making Process

Shift your focus from unpredictable outcomes to learning and implementing a proven decision making process.

Too often, we assess our decisions based on outcomes, which can be very misleading.

Instead, it is more effective to have a specific, proven decision making process. We can then use this model repeatedly to enhance our understanding of what is at play, and increase our chances of a favourable result.

Our decision making programme consists of three 2-hour workshops, at roughly two-week intervals:


What relationships are involved?
By starting with the relationships, we radically increase our decision making competence.


How do we know what is relevant?
By the end of this workshop, delegates will have produced a decision making ‘contract’, defining relevant parameters and acceptable behaviours.


How do we apply our knowledge?
The final workshop introduces a practical framework for decision making, beginning with understanding the relationships, and ending with a timeline for reviewing the process and outcome.

Key Outcomes


  • Greater understanding of themselves and the people they work with
  • A practical decision-making tool


  • Increased decision-making competence, that will reap rewards time and again

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